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Demo is currently being reworked!  Steam page

The game is currently in active development to rework the gameplay and story elements that were showcased in the demo. The new build will be released when ready.

For Evelyn is not a happy story, but it’s human and it dives deep into the underbelly of a fantasy world of Aura where things are about to go horribly wrong. The game will tell a story of two lovers, which will ultimately plunge the world into a state of chaos and war. With emotional backstories and a powerful, moving musical score, For Evelyn will draw the player in and refuse to let go.

~ Planned Features ~

New enhanced sprites for all the characters

Point & click to interact with your surroundings

Varied environments to explore

Partial voice acting

Engaging story

Choices matter

LWRP Lighting

Lore books

More Animated Sprites

Pixel Perfect Camera

More Dialogue

Side quests

With sufficient funding I can also provide FULL voice acting, more amazing artwork, and enhanced soundtrack!

~ Important Links ~



World Of Aura

Link Tree

Development log


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I like the maps, the character movement and the VA. Can I ask where did you  the VActors? Im looking for some Va´s myself.

congratz on the game!

Thank you! All the voice actors have been found on Twitter!